10 AI Writing Tools to Generate Great Content in Minutes

AI is everywhere. Hundreds of AI-powered apps and tools promise speed, efficiency, and the key to unlocking at-scale content production. 

Most AI content writers keep these promises. But before we look at the specifics, let’s talk about why content marketing is such a fantastic application of AI and how to decide which tool to use.

AI Is a Marketer’s Rocket Booster

For marketers and content creators, AI is a huge money- and time-saver. AI has minimal overhead, and many AI platforms offer subscriptions for less than $100/month. 

Whether you need to create social posts, long-form blogs, or ads, with the right prompt, AI can create a month’s worth of content and images in a couple of hours. 

However, to ensure that the quality of the content is as impressive as the speed, you need to learn how to create good prompts. 

This is what differentiates the so-so writing tools from the all-stars. The best tools have good prompts and filters to help you create high value every time. 

Find the Right AI Text Generator for You

Developing AI content writing tools can cost millions. Many AI content generation tools use open source LLMs (language learning models) that are free for public use. An LLM is like a big language brain that powers AI software. 

So keep in mind, when you’re shopping around for a great tool, the secret sauce is in the software, not necessarily the brain behind it.

Look for an app or tool that lets you “teach” AI so it creates copy that meets your quality standards.

Finding the best AI writers depends on the types of content you want to generate. One AI tool that works great for certain types of content, like blog post outlines and planning, might not work as well as another tool for landing page website copy.

Then see what other functions it offers, like keyword analysis, SEO improvements, or idea generators. Several tools have built-in filters, prompts, or analysis to help you improve the text.

Next, you’ll want to look at cost. Many AI tools offer tiered plans, so find the plan that matches your monthly output.

Now, let’s dive into some of these AI writing tools. You’re sure to find one (or two) to help you supercharge your marketing.

1. AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant, created by Semrush and available from its App Center, is robust. Its 76 tools help you generate copy for emails, blogs, CTAs, web content, social media posts, ads, video scripts, product descriptions, and even job descriptions. 

And it can do all that in more than 25 languages.

To use the AI Article Generator, just input a headline, subheads, and target keywords. It then quickly puts together a full article in less than 15 seconds. It also provides an SEO score with suggestions for improvement.

Semrush’s AI Writing Assistant provides a full article alongside suggestions for SEO improvement.

Not too shabby for 10 minutes of work. 

As with all first drafts, you may need to do a little editing work.

But that’s OK. The AI Writing Assistant has functions to help you improve subheads, the title, or rewrite the article completely. 


This app can be your no-cost AI text generator with a free version that allows up to 1,500 credits, or words, per month.

For $49/month, you can produce 200,000 words per month. You can also buy additional credits when you hit that limit.


  • Extensive list of free AI writing tools
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Fast and intuitive to use


  • The free plan is fine to test the app, but not to use regularly 
  • Rewrites are not free

2. AI Social Content Generator

AI Social Content Generator, available from the Semrush App Center, focuses purely on social content. You can create single-image posts, memes, videos, and carousels. 

To start, you’ll want to create your “brand page.” Upload your logo and set your tone of voice and font preferences to keep your posts consistent and on-brand. You can also save your social handles and website to be included in your AI-generated images. 

From there, the tool is pretty magical. You enter the basic theme of your post and it’ll quickly generate a first draft. If you don’t like what you see, give it a thumbs up or thumbs down to generate another option.

Memes created by the AI Social Content Generator app.

You can also edit the text, media, or upload your own images. All of the options can be a bit overwhelming, but the customization is what makes the tool so versatile. 

You have templates to choose from for videos and carousels. The options are clean and modern, and they range from professional to more creative and fun.

As an assistant, this is a great AI tool for social media marketing. The app doesn’t post to your social media accounts, but you’ll have ready-to-use content for any platform. 

You can also compare your posts to your competitors through the Competitor Analysis feature. See how they convert and when they post. Then build your social media strategy around the data.

A graph shows patterns in content distribution and a list of content themes.


A free 7-day plan is available, but you’ll need to enter credit card information.

After the free plan expires, it’s $35/month to manage up to two brands and produce 200 posts per month. That should be more than enough for any small to midsize business, especially if you use the same content across your social media channels.


  • Produces a variety of posts, like text, memes, and carousels
  • Incorporates your brand’s imaging
  • Lots of customization options


  • AI-generated content can be generic without edits
  • Slight learning curve for non-designers

3. Free Title Generator

Free Title Generator, designed by Semrush, does exactly what it says: generates a variety of titles, or headlines. 

With one prompt, you’ll get 20 headlines you can turn into content that ranges from how-tos and guides to listicles. 

Free Title Generator’s text bar to input your topic and a list of possible headlines for guides and how-tos, questions, listicles, and other types of articles. 

If you’re building a content calendar from scratch, this app can also serve as an idea generator. Fill in your content calendar and get different angles to cover the same topic. Creating deep and diverse content is a huge green flag for search rankings. 


Totally free.


  • It’s free
  • Incredibly easy to use


4. Jasper.ai

Jasper (formerly Jarvis AI) is a popular AI content generator for good reason. 

You’ll start with a command, like “write” or “summarize,” add in some detail about the audience and purpose of the article, then watch it go to work. 

You can provide details about your brand’s voice to make sure the AI-generated content is consistent with your existing content. Essentially, you can teach it to write and sound like you. 

It also has a chat feature to help you brainstorm and research before creating content. The chat also helps you put together a customer avatar to help Jasper write content that appeals to them.

What makes Jasper a true shining star is that it’s developed with marketers in mind. It includes features like campaign workflows for emails, ads, and social media posts.


Each workflow—actually every feature—is user-friendly. There isn’t much of a learning curve, so you can jump right into content creation. 

Jasper will even generate art for your content, but it’s not very realistic. 

Its extension product, Jasper Everywhere, includes APIs and plugins to bring the writing tool to every part of your workflow. You can use AI while working in WordPress, Gmail, YouTube, Salesforce, and more.


There is a 7-day free trial, but you have to enter credit card info to access it. Plans start at $49/month. 

For marketing teams or agencies, the best plan will start at $125/month.


  • Built specifically for marketers and writers
  • AI is responsive and collaborative, especially through the chat feature
  • Easy to learn


  • Expensive for casual users
  • Doesn’t offer any analytics or optimization tools
  • AI art generation is so-so

5. GrowthBar

GrowthBar started as an SEO Chrome extension and grew into a full-blown writing tool in just three years. Not too shabby.

Like other AI writers, it offers a blog generator and workflows for content types: 

  • Email newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales emails 
  • Idea generator

But its blog outline tool separates it from the pack. This function helps you build an outline by focusing on your keywords and headlines. 

Why is this approach impactful?

The right keywords in the right places (title, headlines, and subheads) are what make it easy for web crawlers to find and rank your content. 

You can write your own headlines or borrow from some of the top ranking articles for your keyword. But since plagiarism is a big no-no for SEO, it’s best to use them as inspiration.

GrowthBar’s 2-Minute First Draft Builder with provided headline and subhead options. 

With your headlines set, the tool will generate bullet points for each paragraph. You can edit each line before submitting the draft for AI to write. Remember, AI performs best when given a great prompt. The blog outline sets up a really good prompt for AI to use.

Like Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant (more on this tool below), it scores the draft for SEO before you publish. Unlike the Writing Assistant, it doesn’t offer suggested improvements. 

GrowthBar’s article creator interface shows the text on the left and an SEO score on the right. 

GrowthBar’s flagship product, the Chrome Extension, allows you to take your SEO analyzer everywhere you work, such as WordPress or Google itself. From the Google Search page, you’ll see stats like keyword difficulty and domain authority for each result.

You can also build your brand voice by uploading a description and content examples to teach AI how to write like you.


GrowthBar offers a generous 14-day free trial. You can generate two outlines and 15 AI paragraphs, which is defined as anytime you use an AI tool.

To upgrade your usage, the base plan starts at $48/month. You can generate 25 outlines a month and 500 AI paragraphs—another generous plan.


  • Great SEO tool to boost your writing
  • Blog Outline tool to nail your headlines
  • Easy to use


  • Heavily focused on SEO improvement instead of writing improvement
  • A bit expensive without the deep functionality of similar tools

6. Scalenut

Scalenut built its platform to personally escort you through the process of creating prompts for AI. They call it Cruise Mode.

First, you’ll generate a keyword plan, which is a list of keyword clusters that you can use to create articles around. 

The report will even show you average searches so you can go after the heavy hitters. 

Scalenut’s keyword plan with topic keyword clusters.

Then, you’ll generate a headline by giving a little context around your purpose and target audience.

The next few steps are focused on the outline. Like GrowthBar, you’ll work on section headlines, then bullet points for each section. 

It takes about five minutes to generate an article. Then you’ll get a basic SEO score and can go through each paragraph to rephrase, rewrite, shorten, or lengthen the text. 

If you’re satisfied with the draft, you can export it to the editor where you can really start optimizing the article. It will even offer suggestions for improvements. 

Scalenut’s article generator interface shows the text on the left and an SEO score on the right.

Don’t overlook all the other short content types this tool can create. Scalenut has over 50 templates to help you produce everything from product descriptions to video scripts to your LinkedIn headline.


The 7-day trial is easy to get you started, and you don’t need to enter credit card information to test the platform. You can create two SEO articles and have access to all the AI templates.

At the end of the trial, the base plan starts at $39/month. The next tier really opens up your content creation for $79/month. You can create 30 articles, 25 keyword clusters, and have access to integrations like one-click publish to WordPress.


  • Thoughtful Cruise Mode to prepare your article for AI
  • Keyword clustering to build out a targeted content strategy
  • Unique AI templates


  • Not as feature-rich as other AI writing tools

7. Lately

Lately is not the all-in-one service other tools offer, but it does this social media thing really, really well. 

To get started, link your social media accounts and tell Lately what platform will publish and schedule them for you. Lately can do it, but it also integrates with Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Sprinklr. 

You can prompt the tool for new content or provide existing content, like long-form blogs, videos, webinars, and white papers, to repurpose them into social posts. 

You can choose a past blog or even a video. Lately’s AI is trained to pick out which pieces will be best for social and engagement. Its AI will also gain an understanding of your tone. And it provides several social post options for each long-form piece of content you provide.

Lately shows writing tips alongside its AI Train-o-meter checklist.

Lately knows that AI’s first draft usually requires work. So the tool includes an AI Train-o-meter to train its AI and help you improve your post. For Instagram, the Train-o-meter will make sure you have hashtags, emojis, mentions, and an image.

There’s an integration with Grammarly to save you from pesky typos. 

If you’re uploading video, Lately will pick out clips for social and even transcribe your videos. 

Once your post is ready, you can schedule it from the tool.

Lately also offers a wealth of analytics and a management library, but it’s only available at the enterprise level. 


The standard 7-day free trial is available after you enter credit card information. It’s not a bad way to test the tool, especially if you already have long-form content ready to convert. You aren’t limited by the number of posts you can create, only by the number of social accounts. 

The paid packages are pricey. The Starter plan is $119/month if billed monthly, and you can only link one account. The next tier is the Pro plan at $199/month for up to 20 accounts, which is a big jump.

Only the Enterprise plan offers analytics. You’ll need to contact Lately for pricing.


  • Impressive AI tool for social media 
  • Maximize existing content for better distribution
  • Flexible scheduling options


  • Really expensive
  • Doesn’t generate social media posts without content you’ve submitted
  • Not ideal for individual usage

8. ClickUp

ClickUp, primarily a project management tool, recently added ClickUp AI to its feature list. 

It’s a simplified application of AI. You can ask it to write basic marketing materials, like blogs, emails, and social media posts. There are also prompts for designers, engineers, and HR.

ClickUp provides a dropdown list of content and business need types to choose from.

The tool will ask for a little background information, and AI will do its thing. 

While these other departments may not have flashy and exciting copy, it’s a practical and creative use of AI.

As for the writing tool itself, it’s OK. The AI is responsive. It has built-in tone options or you can build your own. 

ClickUp provides articles with a title, meta description, headers, and text.

It doesn’t have an editing mode for any of the AI-generated text. If you want a rewrite, you need to tell the tool to do it instead of making the changes yourself. 

There is a keyword cluster feature to help you build your content strategy, but the data and insights are pretty sparse. 

The best benefit of the ClickUp AI is its place within the ClickUp Dashboard. The documents AI writes can be saved within specific project folders to provide requirements, design personas, and FAQs for team members. 


ClickUp has a Free Forever plan that’s feature-filled and functional. If you’re using the platform for yourself, you won’t feel like you’re missing out. 

The base plan starts at $5/month and provides more storage and team functionality, like Google Single Sign-On and Whiteboards, as you upgrade. 

The ClickUp AI writing tool is available in every plan. 


  • Simple interface and functionality
  • Unique AI prompts that cover business operations needs
  • Free Forever plan and low monthly plans


  • Can’t directly edit the AI-generated text
  • Weak SEO features 
  • AI outputs are too generic

9. ContentShake

ContentShake, also created by Semrush and available in its App Center, helps you answer the question, “What do I write about?”

Start by listing keywords that describe your business, industry, or intended topic, then ContentShake will produce article ideas as headlines. It categorizes the ideas by intent, like Commercial or Informational, and will tell you how efficient the topic will be at attracting traffic. 

For example, a highly efficient topic won’t be difficult to rank in Google’s first SERP and receives a decent amount of searches per month. 

ContentShake provides a list of topics and ideas to choose from.

Choose a headline that works for you, and ContentShake will start writing.

ContentShake shows produced text on the left and suggestions for improvement and optimization on the right.

With a ready outline, you have a couple of options:

  • Continue working on the article in the app and see your Optimization score improve 
  • Publish the article to Google docs for editing and share it with your team 
  • Publish the article directly to a WordPress website

The app will also show you areas to improve with its Optimization Score, along with suggestions for specific areas of text. 

And that’s it: a robust and data-driven content generator and writer’s block unblocker. 


The free plan only allows you to dip your toe into the app. You can generate a few ideas and write three outlines or articles. It’s a great way to test the app and functionality before you commit to a monthly plan. 

When you upgrade your free plan to $60/month, you’ll get 25 new article ideas a week and unlimited articles every month. It’s a bit more expensive than the other writing tools, but it’s packed with value. 


  • Idea generation, article writing, and article optimization in one tool
  • Publish directly to your WordPress site
  • Measure the potential efficiency of your content
  • Possibly the best AI article generator


  • Higher cost per month than other writing tools

10. SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant, available on the Semrush platform, is the heavyweight of all of Semrush’s writing tools for both price and functionality.

Let’s look at a few of the things this app can do. 

Starting with SEO, it breaks down all the categories that Google analyzes (readability, originality, SEO, and tone) to determine how well it’s optimized for your keywords. 

To help you claim the top SERP spot, SEO Writing Assistant will give you a score and suggestions to improve it.

SEO Writing Assistant shows produced content alongside an SEO score.

What do the suggestions look like? Correcting passive voice sentences to active, including more or different keywords, shortening the sentence length, improving headlines, and more.

There are even plugins for Google docs and WordPress. You can use the optimizer while working in Google.

SEO Writing Assistant also added an exciting new “Compose with AI” feature, so AI really does all the legwork. It will write the article, analyze it, and offer suggestions to make it high-quality and high-ranking. 


What does all of this speed, convenience, and SEO analysis cost? You’ll need a Semrush subscription to use SEO Writing Assistant. Plans start at $129.95/month, but to unlock the list of product benefits, you’ll want to subscribe to the Guru plan, which starts at $249.95/month.

If you’re a midsize business or agency and creating a lot of content, and want everything you produce to be a 10/10, this tool might be worth your investment. 

You can request a 7-day free trial before committing to the monthly subscription.


  • The most robust writing assistant in Semrush’s toolkit
  • AI writes and analyzes text for search optimization
  • Easy plugins for Google docs and WordPress


  • More expensive than other tools listed
  • Not ideal for businesses that aren’t regularly creating content

Use AI To Fuel Your Content Creation

This is just a sampling of available AI writing tools. To find the one that truly works for you, take advantage of the free trials to test the functionality and user interface. Finding the right platform is kind of like trying on shoes: lots of sizes and styles to choose from!

The number of choices will only continue to grow, so keep an eye on the Semrush App Center. We’re adding new tools all the time! It’s one marketplace for dozens of writing tools to scale your content marketing.

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