89 Compelling Blog Niche Ideas in 2024 (& How to Choose One)

What Is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is the topic or subject your blog focuses on. It’s the overarching theme that unifies all of your blog content. 

For example, a blog about vegan recipes would be in the “vegan food” niche. While a blog about hiking and backpacking gear would be in the “outdoor adventure” niche.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Blog Niche?

Choosing a well-defined niche you enjoy writing about is crucial for a blog’s success. Because it allows you to create relevant and valuable content that’s likely to attract readers and build a following. 

And selecting a niche you’re passionate about can make the journey more enjoyable and sustainable. 

Plus, a carefully chosen niche allows you to establish yourself as an authority in that specific topic. 

This can open doors to monetization opportunities, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and even developing your own products or services.

For example, Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen paved the way for multiple cookbooks that are now featured on the blog:

cookbook highlighted in blog sidebar

89 Blog Niche Ideas to Consider

Here’s a list of blog niches arranged by category. 

They all represent opportunities to create quality content and establish a loyal following (we’ll go over how to choose a niche afterward):

Beauty and Fashion

The beauty and fashion category appeals to online users searching for tips, tutorials, product recommendations, etc. And it’s massive.

The beauty industry alone has a total market size of more than 4 billion people, according to Market Explorer.

niche total addressable market highlighted

And with influencers (like bloggers) driving many trends, this is arguably one of the best spaces for blogging. 

Product Reviews

With so many brands and product releases, detailed and honest reviews are in high demand. 

A blog focused on in-depth reviews of makeup, skincare, hair care, and fashion items can attract tons of viewers looking to make informed purchases.

Makeup Tutorials

Step-by-step makeup tutorials are incredibly popular. Especially in video formats that can be published on a blog as well as uploaded to YouTube. 

A blog offering easy-to-follow guides for different looks and skill levels can help you build a dedicated audience.

Hair Care Tips

Many seek advice on maintaining healthy, beautiful hair. 

A blog that shares tips on care routines, products, and styles for various hair types will likely attract a loyal following.

Like Confessions of a Hairstylist:

hair care tips as blog posts

Skincare Tips

Skincare is a hot topic in 2024. Which is evident when you consider the term “skincare routine” gets more than 27,000 monthly searches in the U.S., according to Keyword Overview.

keyword overview for skincare routine keyword

A blog offering expert skincare tips can attract a wide audience, from those seeking to establish a skincare routine to those looking for solutions to specific issues.

Fashion moves fast, and staying ahead of the curve is key for those who care about style. 

A blog analyzing and showcasing current and upcoming trends in clothing, accessories, and styling can attract a style-conscious audience.


This category offers tons of niche blog ideas that can be used to provide valuable insights into running a business. 


With more people starting businesses, a blog focused on entrepreneurship tips can attract a wide audience. 

And you could cover topics like ideation, startup challenges, funding, and growth strategies.

You might even go more specific. Like Frugal Entrepreneur does by focusing on sticking to a budget:

entrepreneurship blog post titled "maximizing your tech budget: how to choose the right tech stack for your startup"


Platforms like Upwork are helping freelancing become an increasingly viable career path. 

So, a blog offering advice on finding clients, pricing services, productivity tips, and more could resonate with freelancers around the world.

Financial Management

Sound financial management is crucial for any business’s success. 

A blog breaking down complex financial concepts, budgeting strategies, tax tips, and accounting best practices could be invaluable for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Hiring and Outsourcing

As businesses grow, they sometimes struggle with hiring the right talent and effectively outsourcing tasks. 

You could attract business owners seeking to optimize their workforce with a blog focused on recruitment strategies, managing remote teams, and outsourcing best practices.

Ecommerce Business Management

Ecommerce is often seen as an easy way to start a business, but there’s a lot to learn. 

Covering topics like product selection, website setup, marketing strategies, and fulfillment can make for a highly practical niche.


Many people are seeking to develop their knowledge and skills online. Which presents bloggers with opportunities to share valuable insights and resources across a few blog niches.

Study Tips

Students of all ages are interested in effective study strategies. 

So, a blog dedicated to practical tips for better retention, time management, and test-taking can attract a wide audience.

Online Course Recommendations

Now that online learning is pretty standard, a blog reviewing and recommending online courses across different subjects can be incredibly useful. 

Helping readers navigate the vast course offerings and make informed decisions is a viable blog niche idea.

Language Learning

A blog sharing language learning tips, resources, and techniques can appeal to a diverse audience seeking language proficiency.

For example, Lindsay Does Languages is all about providing motivation and actionable tips:

language learning blog niche example

Exam Prep

High-stakes exams like the SAT, the GRE, and those tied to professional certifications create a constant need for quality exam preparation resources. 

A blog in this niche might focus on effective study plans, practice materials, and test-taking tactics.


Families who choose to homeschool their children have a lot to keep track of.

That means sharing curriculum recommendations, teaching methods, and socialization tips can resonate with parents seeking to provide quality education at home.


Entertainment fans often seek recommendations, analysis, and insider scoops, making this a potentially lucrative space for bloggers.

And consider that the total market size is about 7 billion people, according to Market Explorer.

total addressable market highlighted in market explorer for entertainment niche

Movie and TV Reviews

When new films and shows are released, potential viewers look for thorough and unbiased reviews to inform whether they’ll watch. 

Creating a blog dedicated to critiquing the latest entertainment offerings, sharing insights, and guiding viewers could attract a sizable audience.

Roger Ebert is a well-known critic who posts reviews. And gives readers a sneak peek with the star ratings right on the main page. 

now playing portion of blog shows movies with their star rating

Music Reviews

Music fans are always eager to discover new artists and albums. 

That means having a blog focused on reviewing the latest music releases can tap into passionate fan bases seeking trusted opinions.

Celebrity Gossip

Readers crave information about their favorite celebrities. 

That means creating a blog covering the latest celebrity news, scandals, and personal stories could captivate readers.

Pop Culture

Pop culture encompasses viral trends, internet memes, and much more. 

Starting a blog that analyzes and discusses the latest cultural phenomena, provides commentary, and sparks discussions can be highly engaging for the right audience.


Bloggers can tap into the evergreen finance category by providing practical guidance and unique insights in niches like these:


Digital currencies like Bitcoin are driving interest in crypto education. 

So, a blog demystifying cryptocurrencies, explaining investing strategies, and analyzing market trends could help attract a tech-savvy audience.

Debt Management

A blog niche focused on offering debt repayment plans, budgeting tips, and other debt-related financial advice could reach a substantial audience. 

Plus, helping to free people from the burden of debt could be immensely fulfilling.

Club Thrifty is an example of a blog that covers helpful debt-related topics:

featured articles include topics like debt snowballs and debt avalanche

Retirement Savings

Retirement planning is complex, so a blog focused on long-term savings strategies is likely to resonate with people across industries. 

Covering topics like 401(k) plans, investment vehicles, and tax implications can be useful for these readers.


A blog providing beginners with investing fundamentals—from stock analysis to portfolio diversification—can attract an audience eager to grow their wealth. 

Something really valuable for this niche would be to provide real-world examples and case studies.

Financial Independence

The Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement is all about escaping the traditional workday grind. 

A blog chronicling paths to financial freedom through frugal living, passive income streams, and careful investing could help you reach an audience of highly motivated readers.

Environment and Sustainability

Environmental concerns are more present than ever—research actually shows sustainability informs consumers’ buying decisions.

Those same people are likely looking for guidance on how they can personally contribute to a greener future. And there are multiple blogging niches in this category.

Climate Change

A blog analyzing the latest climate data, explaining its impacts, and proposing solutions can attract an environmentally-conscious audience. 

By simplifying complex scientific concepts, you can make this niche approachable.

Sustainable Living Tips

Creating a blog sharing practical advice on reducing waste, conserving resources, and making sustainable choices at home could really resonate with environmentally conscious readers.

Lindsay Miles has done just that with Treading My Own Path:

homepage for sustainable living blog

Renewable Energy

A blog educating readers on solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources could be really successful among readers who are eager to reduce reliance on less environmentally friendly options. 

And covering installation, costs, and emerging innovations will further support their interests.

Green Technology

Some tech solutions are created with the environment in mind. 

You could help readers navigate those options by creating a blog showcasing eco-friendly gadgets, apps, and products—coupled with reviews and sustainability insights.

Conservation Efforts

Protecting ecosystems is vital for maintaining our plant and animal populations. 

Bloggers highlighting wildlife conservation initiatives, environmental policies, and ways readers can contribute could build an engaged audience of individuals who are ready to take action.

Food and Drink

The food and drink blog category is more varied than you might think. And is driven by people’s interest in health, flavor, and culinary experiences.

Healthy Eating

Not every food fanatic cares about taste alone—some are just as interested in focusing on supporting their overall health.

That means a blog focused on healthy eating can attract a dedicated audience seeking practical tips, nutritious recipes, and guidance on making smart choices when dining out.

Meal Prep

Meal prep blogs can provide time-saving tips, batch cooking ideas, and organizational ideas for preparing nutritious meals in advance.

What’s for Meal Prep is one of the best meal prep niche blog examples:

meal prep blog niche example

Baby and Toddler Food Ideas

New parents often seek guidance on introducing solid foods to their little ones. 

A blog dedicated to baby and toddler food ideas can thrive by offering age-appropriate recipes, feeding tips, and advice on navigating the delicate world of childhood nutrition.

Restaurant and Bar Reviews

Passionate foodies and adventurous diners enjoy discovering new culinary experiences. 

Starting a blog that provides honest, well-written reviews of local restaurants and bars can build a loyal following among those seeking trustworthy recommendations and insider insights.

Craft Beer

Craft beer enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for unique, flavorful brews. 

A blog focusing on these beverages can attract interested readers by offering tasting notes, brewery spotlights, and insights into trends.


There’s a real opportunity to reach readers seeking entertainment, immersive experiences, and social connections through gaming.

Here are a few niches that allow you to do that:

Game Reviews

A blog dedicated to providing honest, in-depth reviews can attract gamers seeking guidance on which titles are worth their time and money.

Board Games

While digital gaming gets most of the attention, there’s a loyal board game fan base. 

That means a blog centered on board games can attract a niche audience by reviewing new releases, sharing gameplay strategies, and fostering a community of tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

For example, The Opinionated Gamers regularly posts reviews:

board game review example for a game called the balthazar stone

Gaming Tips, Tutorials, and Walkthroughs

Many gamers appreciate helpful resources that enhance their experiences and enable them to overcome challenging levels. 

And you can do that with a blog offering tips, tutorials, and detailed walkthroughs for popular games.


Role-playing games (RPGs) feature immersive worlds and intricate storylines. 

This means you can have an entire blog dedicated to a single RPG that offers in-depth analysis, character guides, and discussions around the lore and mechanics of the game.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness area caters to individuals seeking guidance on improving their overall well-being. 

And there are numerous niches you could focus on:


A blog dedicated to self-care practices can attract individuals seeking to nurture their physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. Particularly if they’re looking to avoid burnout.

Men’s Health

Men have their own unique wellness needs.

So, a blog focused on men’s health can provide tailored information and resources to address common concerns and promote proactive care. 

Women’s Health

Women’s health encompasses various aspects of female well-being.

You can cover a diverse range of topics, such as common conditions and preventive care strategies. And attract a dedicated audience seeking guidance on managing their unique health concerns.

Mental Health

Mental health is a growing priority for people—particularly among Gen Z

A blog dedicated to mental health can provide a safe space for individuals to access information, resources, and support. 


This is a vaste niche that offers many opportunities for bloggers.

You could cover exercise routines, injury prevention, nutrition for athletes, etc.

Home Ownership and Real Estate

These niches are centered around significant financial investments that readers are eager to learn more about. 

Here are a few options:

Real Estate Investment

A blog focused on real estate investment can attract an audience seeking practical advice on identifying profitable opportunities, navigating the market, and effectively managing investment properties.

Home Renovation

Homeowners often seek inspiration and guidance for improving their living spaces. 

A blog dedicated to home renovation can thrive by sharing cost-effective renovation ideas and expert tips on increasing property value through strategic upgrades.

Interior Design

This niche allows you to focus on sharing design inspiration, space-planning strategies, and budget-friendly decor ideas. And you can cater to both homeowners and design enthusiasts.

You can even focus on a particular style. Like My Scandinavian Home does:

interior design blog niche example focuses on a blog post about a swedish summer cottage

Moving Cross-Country

Relocating to a new state or region can be daunting. 

Help out those on the cusp of relocating by creating a blog offering comprehensive guides, checklists, and resources for a successful cross-country.

DIY Advice

For those who enjoy taking on home improvement projects themselves, a blog offering DIY advice can be a valuable resource. 

You can provide step-by-step tutorials, tool recommendations, and cost-saving tips. And empower homeowners to confidently tackle various tasks.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Most people have passions outside their careers. This makes the lifestyle and hobbies area a great idea for bloggers.


Now that most cellphones have high-quality cameras, photography has become an accessible hobby. 

Focusing on photography as a blog niche can help you appeal to enthusiasts by sharing tips, techniques, gear recommendations, and inspiration for capturing compelling images.


The fact that this entire article is about blog niches proves that written content is as relevant as ever. 

And can create a blog dedicated to writing that offers advice for aspiring authors, poets, or those simply seeking a creative outlet.

Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts niche caters to individuals seeking creative expression and unique handmade items. 

A blog in this space can attract a loyal following by sharing tutorials, project ideas, and inspiration. And it can focus on everything from painting to woodworking.


Knitting is known for being a particularly relaxing hobby. 

If you want to focus on this niche, you might consider sharing patterns, stitch guides, and tips for knitters of all skill levels. And doing what you can to foster a sense of community.


Gardeners often relish the opportunity to connect with nature and cultivate their own plants. 

You could create a blog focused on gardening to share practical advice, plant care tips, and ideas for creating beautiful outdoor spaces.


A news niche enables bloggers to reach audiences who care deeply about staying informed.

Here are some of the specific news niches you could cover:


A blog focused on local news can serve as a go-to resource for community members seeking up-to-date information on events and issues specific to their areas.


Creating a sports blog that provides in-depth analysis, game recaps, player profiles, and insider perspectives on various athletic events and teams could thrive. Especially when you consider how eager fans are to learn about their favorite teams and players. 

One example of this type of blog is Sportblog from The Guardian:

sportblog newsfeed has news about a new coach and an open team position


A blog focused on politics can cater to readers seeking objective analyses, policy breakdowns, and informed perspectives on government.

You could also choose to focus on politics at the local, state, national, or global level. 

Silicon Valley

A blog dedicated to Silicon Valley can provide valuable insights, news, and commentary on the latest innovations, startups, and trends emerging from this global tech hub.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative articles uncover important issues and injustices through in-depth research and fact-checking.

This type of blog is great for attracting readers who are interested in comprehensive, well-researched reporting.

Personal and Career Development

The personal and career development category is about providing information people can use to achieve their goals and find fulfillment.


A blog dedicated to self-improvement can provide valuable guidance and inspiration for individuals striving to better themselves. 

By sharing practical tips, personal growth practices, and motivational stories, you can cover this niche in a way that enables readers to unlock their full potential.


Productivity is a desirable skill for getting more done—whether at work or in life. 

This means a blog focused on productivity can offer time-management techniques, organizational ideas, and other tools to help readers maximize their efficiency and achieve more in less time.

Chris Bailey’s blog shows just how much you can cover in the productivity niche:

productivity blog has 15 topics within its niche


A blog centered on meditation can attract readers seeking peace, focus, and overall well-being. 

By providing guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and more, you could help readers cultivate a calmer and more present mindset.

Job Interview Tips

Nailing a job interview can be a make-or-break moment in a person’s career journey. 

You can cover this blog niche idea by providing practical advice, mock interview scenarios, and techniques for showcasing skills and strengths during the interview process.


The bonds between humans and their furry (or feathery) companions is usually strong, making this a good space for bloggers.

Pet Parenting Tips

A blog offering pet parenting tips can provide valuable guidance on responsible pet ownership, obedience training, and creating a nurturing environment for pets.

Trupanion’s pet blog covers dogs, cats, and more general topics that apply to different types of pets:

blog topics filter at top of blog page

Dog Training

Many dog owners rely on training to teach their canines to become well-behaved and obedient. 

A blog focused on this blog niche idea can share effective techniques, positive reinforcement methods, and practical advice for addressing specific behavioral issues.

Pet Product Reviews

Product reviews can be really helpful for pet owners trying to decide between brands. 

You can provide valuable insights by highlighting key features, benefits, and drawbacks from real-world experiences and user opinions.

Pet Health and Wellness

Responsible pet owners prioritize their beloved animals’ well-being. 

A blog covering pet health and wellness can offer advice on nutrition, grooming, exercise, and preventative care. You could also address common health concerns and provide guidance on seeking a veterinary care provider.

Raising Animals on a Homestead

Homesteading is a growing trend.

So, a blog focused on raising animals on a homestead can appeal to those seeking guidance on caring for livestock, poultry, or other farm animals.


As humans, we crave connections and seek guidance through the various stages of life. 

And that means bloggers have many opportunities to provide support, insights, and practical advice to readers navigating the complexities of interpersonal bonds.


Starting a blog focused on this topic can offer valuable tips for finding potential partners, crafting compelling app profiles, and navigating the intricacies of romantic relationships in the digital age.

Wedding Planning

Weddings are significant life events that require meticulous planning and coordination. 

A blog dedicated to wedding planning can serve as a comprehensive resource, guiding couples through every aspect of the process—from finding vendors to managing budgets and creating unforgettable celebrations.

Smashing the Glass goes even more niche by focusing on Jewish weddings:

blog post in wedding planning niche shares story of the wedding including pictures


The journey to parenthood is both exciting and daunting. 

Creating a blog centered on pregnancy can provide expectant parents with essential information on topics such as prenatal care, nutrition, and preparing for the arrival of a new family member.


A parenting blog can offer a wealth of practical tips and insights related to childhood development stages, discipline techniques, and fostering strong family bonds.


Starting a blog focused on divorce can provide invaluable guidance and support to individuals going through this transition. 

You can offer legal advice, co-parenting strategies, and emotional coping mechanisms. And help readers navigate this challenging chapter with resilience and clarity.

Sales and Marketing

While marketing and sales are certainly in the business realm, they deserve their own category.

Here are some of the specific niches:

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing blog can guide businesses on leveraging digital channels, optimizing their online presence, and maximizing return on investment.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing model has opened new revenue streams for bloggers and publishers. 

A dedicated blog can share tips on identifying profitable affiliate programs, building an engaged audience, and effectively promoting products or services.

YouTube Marketing

As digital video consumption rises, individuals and businesses are recognizing YouTube’s potential as a marketing platform. 

And you could meet that demand with a YouTube marketing blog that offers tips on creating engaging videos, optimizing for search visibility, building a subscriber base, and effectively monetizing a channel.

Sales Process and Strategy

Creating a blog focused on sales allows you to provide insights into sales methodologies, lead generation techniques, negotiation tactics, and customer relationship management.

And your insights could empower professionals to close more deals.

Jill Konrath’s blog often shares thought-leadership articles like this one:

blog post shares interesting ways to drive more sales in this niche

B2B or B2C Sales

The approaches for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales differ, but those nuances aren’t always easy for people to grasp. 

A dedicated blog can offer tailored guidance for the chosen model to address unique challenges, best practices, and more.


This niche category offers bloggers the opportunity to explore fascinating topics, share groundbreaking discoveries, and provide valuable insights to a curious audience.

Medical Conditions

For individuals navigating medical conditions, it’s vital to have access to a supportive community, practical advice, and coping techniques.

While it’s possible to have a blog about medical conditions as a whole, it’s often a good idea to focus on a particular one that you have expertise in. 


A psychology blog can delve into topics such as mental health, personal growth, relationships, and the latest research findings. To provide readers with a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

And there are even more specific niches. For example, Gretchen Rubin’s articles often focus on happiness:

blog post examples in the psychology niche

Science Stories and Interviews

You could create a blog featuring science stories and interviews. And offer readers a glimpse into the lives and minds of renowned researchers, scientists, and innovators to inspire curiosity and appreciation for the scientific process.


There will always be people who are fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos. 

You could capture their attention with a blog that explores topics such as space exploration, discoveries, and the latest developments in space technology.


New innovations make technology an exciting space to cover in 2024 and beyond.

Software Reviews

Reviewing the latest products can attract an engaged audience of tech fans who want to make informed purchases. And you can monetize through affiliate marketing.

Consumer Electronics

New consumer electronics like smartphones, smart homes, and wearables hit the market constantly. 

A blog reviewing the latest releases and providing buying advice could attract an audience of people eager to adopt these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is rapidly advancing and impacting numerous industries. Blogging about AI research, applications, products, and implications makes for an exciting niche.

The BAIR Blog (BAIR stands for Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research) focuses primarily on sharing research findings.

homepage of bair blog shares title called TinyAgent: Function Calling at the Edge

Apple or Android Products

Apple and Android have loyal fan bases. 

That means blogs dedicated to news, tutorials, and insights around these mobile ecosystems can attract an engaged audience.


Travel is an attractive category that allows bloggers to share their adventures while earning an income. 

Here are a few of the specific niches you might want to consider:

Local Travel Tips

Everyone needs guidance when visiting a new place. 

Offering insider travel tips provides immense value to tourists looking to avoid crowds and discover hidden gems.

Travel Hacks

Blog posts revealing clever travel hacks can be incredibly popular—especially if they provide readers with ways to save money. 

Tips on scoring discounts, packing efficiently, and optimizing travel logistics could all work.

Van Life

#VanLife is a trend that involves converting vans into homes on wheels. 

And you could attract readers by documenting this nomadic way of living through photos and sharing your experiences.

Two with a View shares tons of tips for converting a van. Like this post about choosing the right flooring material:

Van life blog niche has topics like best flooring to use in a camper

Digital Nomad Life

Some people have embraced the idea that they can make any place their home. 

If that sounds like you, blogging about thriving as a digital nomad could help you connect with others who want to embrace remote work while exploring the world.

Living Abroad

For readers considering an overseas lifestyle change, blogs covering logistics and experiences of living abroad offer invaluable first-hand insights.

How to Choose the Right Blogging Niche

Choosing the right niche is crucial for blogging success. It sets the foundation for building an engaged audience and monetizing your content effectively.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Consider Your Expertise 

Starting with your expertise is a smart move. 


Because when you’re an expert in a topic, you can offer insights that are both valuable and unique. 

This aligns with the Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) framework Google has included in their Search Quality Rater Guidelines. And real people use this framework to assess the quality of search results.

Here’s exactly what each term means: 

  • Experience is the extent of your first-hand experience with the topic
  • Expertise is how deeply you understand the topic
  • Authoritativeness is your standing or reputation in your field
  • Trustworthiness is your content’s reliability and credibility

Think of it this way:

Google wants to rank content that demonstrates E-E-A-T. So, creating content with it in mind could help you achieve greater visibility in search results over time. 

How do you pick a blog niche based on your expertise? 

Here are some tips:

  • Think about what you know: Reflect on the topics you’re knowledgeable about. These could be subjects you’ve studied, skills you’ve acquired, or industries you’ve worked in.
  • Look at your hobbies: Your hobbies can provide a wealth of blog niche ideas. If you’re passionate about a hobby, you likely know a lot about it.
  • Draw from your life experiences: Your unique life experiences can provide you with unique ideas that stands out

2. Research the Market

Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information about your target market. To help you understand your potential audience and how your blog can meet their needs and wants.

Plus, it’s a great way to see if there’s enough demand (so your blog can be profitable).

Start by using the Market Explorer tool. 

Select “Analyze Category,” choose a location, select a business category, and click “Research a market.” 

research travel and tourism niche in market explorer tool

The tool will gather data for the top 1,000 domains within the category. And provide a summary of the market. 

You’ll see the total market size, market value, level of consolidation, key players, and lots more.

blog niche market summary

Then, scroll down to the “Market Geo Distribution” widget. 

You’ll see which countries represent the best opportunities for you to target with your blog. 

market geo distribution for this niche shows the US, India, and the UK as the top three countries

Markets with high traffic can be more lucrative given there are more potential customers. So use this information to determine which locations are worth focusing on. 

3. Assess Monetization Potential

If you want to make money blogging, you need to choose a niche with real income opportunities.

To ensure your chosen niche has monetization potential, you can use One2Target

This tool provides insights into the socioeconomic status of your potential audience, helping you understand their purchasing power and preferences.

To get started, open the tool, enter a competitor’s domain (it’s a good idea to use one of the key players you identified in Market Explorer), and click “Analyze.”

search for competitor in one2target tool

Then go to the “Socioeconomics” tab. You’ll see a lot of details about the audience, including their income level.

socioeconomics tab with income level highlighted

If the data shows that a good portion of the audience falls within a high-income bracket, this indicates strong purchasing power. Which is favorable for monetizing through affiliate products. Or offering services related to your niche.

That said, there are still opportunities to focus on niches that appeal to those with lower incomes. 

Some niches like debt management will naturally attract audiences with less disposable income. And that means you might need to prove the value of any products or services you offer. Or focus on low-cost affiliate products. 

Once you have a better understanding of your monetization potential, consider the different ways you could generate income from your blog:

  • Affiliate marketing: Promote products or services related to your niche and earn a commission for each sale or click that comes from your blog.
  • Advertising: Display ads on your blog. You earn money each time a visitor views or clicks on these ads.
  • Selling physical products: If you offer products related to your niche, you can sell them directly through your blog
  • Offering services: If you have expertise in your niche, you can offer services such as consulting or coaching

The right choice(s) will depend on what your research uncovered. 

4. Evaluate the Competition

If the niche you’re considering has competitors who get decent website traffic, that can actually be a good sign. Because it means there’s interest in it. 

This suggests you have an opportunity to build an audience in that niche.

Use Semrush’s Traffic Analytics tool to analyze your competitor’s online visibility and traffic data. 

Open the tool, enter a competitor’s website, and click “Analyze.”

search for competitor in traffic analytics tool

You’ll find out how much traffic they get overall.

total visits is 104.4 million

If you scroll down, you’ll see which channels drive traffic to their site.

top channels driving traffic are direct, referral, and organic search for this competitor

Pay particular attention to whether the site gets a substantial amount of traffic from organic search. If it does, that indicates you’ve identified a viable niche that users frequently use search engines to find information on. 

Competitors who have high volumes coming from ads or referrals can be harder to compete with when you’re starting out. 

The next step is to extend your research to understand what’s already being offered in the space. 

Visit your competitors’ blogs to see their content topics, writing styles, and overall quality. 

Then, identify gaps you could fill. And look for opportunities to differentiate your blog and offer more value.

Start Your Blog Today

With the right niche selected, you’ll be well on your way to blogging success.

Then, get started. Because the sooner you launch your blog, the sooner you can start building momentum.

Especially if you use Semrush’s SEO tools to help increase your visibility in search engines. 

Try them today.

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