How Can Proxies Improve SEO Monitoring?

We have seen how SEO proxies work and even briefly seen their importance. Now, let’s see it in detail – why they are important for SEO monitoring:

1. For Data Extraction

We earlier introduced web scraping and how it helps us gather a large amount of relevant data from target websites.

These large data are crucial for SEO monitoring but accessing target websites repeatedly can result in either temporary or permanent IP blockade.

Proxies make it convenient for you to scrape data from any website with zero risks.

You can then use that data to craft the best contents with the right combination of relevant keywords (thereby aligning your contents with the customer’s pain points), know which quality backlinks to include in your contents (therefore showing authority and expertise), or know which part of your website to improve upon (to increase customer satisfaction).

2. For Monitoring the Competition

Part of SEO monitoring is checking out the competition to see what they are doing; what is working for them and what improvements they are regularly making.

Retrieving such useful data from the competition’s website also entails some form of web scraping which competitors do not also treat lightly.

Proxies, therefore, helps you maintain anonymity while curating the competitor’s data. Data which you can then harness to improve your brand.

3. To Perform Keyword Research and Find Out Quality Backlinks

The right combinations of keywords are what create impressive traffic to some websites.

These websites employ certain keywords that cause internet users to troupe in as they can be considered to hold the answers they are looking for.

You, on the other hand, may not know these keywords except you do some web scraping.

Also, quality backlinks are important because they add more substance to your content and web pages.

You will need to find out websites with relevant and quality backlinks, retrieve them, and include them in your content.

Proxies are useful in facilitating both processes. They are even known to make both keyword research and quality backlink curation very easy and seamless.

4. For Accurate Predictive Analysis

Businesses are known to grow faster if they can accurately predict what the market would look like or what path it would take in the future.

Knowing what the demand for certain items would be in the coming years or knowing what possible trends are on the way are all possible because of accurate predictive analysis.

Once data can be properly analyzed and used for prediction, strategies such as dynamic pricing can then be implemented.

However, gathering such data would only be wishful thinking except through the use of proxies because they make it possible to penetrate several websites where these data abound.

5. To Promote Other Campaign Activities

If you run a large company, then you may agree that running multiple campaigns at once is important to reach a wider audience and ensure better conversion.

This is because your potential customers are on different platforms and in different locations.

Using one campaign that targets only one platform or location is therefore inadequate if growth is what you seek.

Usually, what huge corporations do is create several marketing campaigns that run on several platforms targeting several locations as well.

These campaigns will need to be promoted multiple times per day and this could be considered spamming, except, of course, a proxy server is used.

Proxy servers rotate IP and proxy addresses to make sure that every promotion is done with a different IP and proxy.

This way, all the promotions escape being flagged down as spam, reach the target audience, and help to increase traffic and conversions.

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