How to Analyze Your Place in the Online Market and Unwrap New Growth Avenues

In the continuation of our SEO Clinic series, welcome to the third episode, dedicated to assessing your place in the online market and ways to expand market share through SEO

We invited 5 digital marketing experts to share their ideas on how a brand can use insights from competitive and SEO analysis to evaluate market gaps and close them. 

Go through the videos below and learn how to:

  1. Explore the competitive landscape.
  2. Use keyword analysis to discover untapped keyword opportunities and seize them.
  3. Run an SEO audit to improve site performance which, in turn, can help to grow your market share.

About the Site

Performio is a California-based sales performance management software company. It offers enterprise solutions for companies looking to automate the calculation of compensations to their sales reps. 

Performio provides transparency and minimizes administrative hassle when it comes to sales compensations.

Their website features multiple products so it has a few hundred webpages. With a large selection of global enterprises in their client portfolio, serving companies like Johnson& Johnson and Vodafone, they target primarily English-speaking audiences, with their key focus being on the US.

Performio’s Organic Presence

Using Semrush Organic Research, we provided our experts with the following overview of Performio’s organic performance:

  • As a relatively new brand, Performio showed a good, consistent growth rate throughout 2020. But in 2021, their performance presented significant fluctuations, with considerable drops and uplifts occurring throughout. 
  • 55% of all their traffic comes from the US. (As competitive analysis revealed, though, they could place more focus on the Mexican market.)
  • As for the share of branded vs. non-branded traffic, almost 90% of Performio’s visitors come from non-branded searches.

Overall, Performio is a promising tech brand that has some ground to cover when it comes to organic performance and in order to expand its market share. Our experts looked at Performio’s organic presence and competitive landscape to pinpoint some untapped opportunities that can help the brand grow.

Building a Pathway to Market Growth: 5 Approaches from 5 Leading Digital Marketing Experts 

#1. How to Understand Your Market and Create a Base for a Solid SEO Strategy by Himani Kankaria, Founder at Missive Digital

Himani Kankaria uncovers how to identify and assess the competition to then create a winning SEO strategy that would help Pefmorio expand its organic presence. 

In the video below you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage data from the Market Explorer tool to get the bigger picture of who the established market players are and to pinpoint competitors with the fastest growth rates. These are all competitors you can draw inspiration from when focusing on organic performance and SEO strategy further down the line.
  • Use demographic insights from the tool to identify missed opportunities regarding audiences and locations.
  • Check the in-market traffic generation strategy and explore gaps in your own user acquisition efforts.
  • Use the Domain Overview report to benchmark yourself against the competition and run further SEO analysis.
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Connect with Himani Kankaria on Twitter.

#2. Implementing a Technical SEO Makeover by Harry Sanders, Director at StudioHawk

Harry Sanders took a manual approach and made a run-through of Performio’s website to highlight some SEO wins that can drive more traffic to its pages.

Watch Harry’s video where he explains how to:

  • Deal with page speed and Core Web Vitals issues.
  • Optimize crawling and indexing of your pages by improving site architecture and internal linking.
  • Make the most of schema implementation and add unique schema to each web page.
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Connect with Harry Sanders on Twitter.

#3. How to Improve Your SEO Performance with an SEO Audit by Nitin Manchanda, Chief SEO Consultant at botpresso

Nitin Manchanda used the Site Audit tool to run a full SEO audit of Performio’s website. This revealed some low-hanging fruits that can significantly strengthen the site’s organic presence.

Nitin’s video touches on how to:

  • Implement fixes for broken internal links and pages with a 4XX status code.
  • Improve page load time and user experience by dealing with redirect chains and loops.
  • Increase CTR from the SERPs by having unique meta descriptions.
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Connect with Nitin Manchanda on Twitter.

#4. Closing the Keyword Gap by Brie Anderson, Founder of BEAST Analytics

Brie Anderson uses keyword gap analysis as part of the competitive analysis to understand whether Performio is missing out on relevant keywords and ranking opportunities.

In her video, Brie shows how to: 

  • Use the Keyword Gap tool to check keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t. 
  • Discover missed SERP feature opportunities with the Keyword Overview tool.
  • Maximize the performance of existing content by improving pages within the top 100 search results.
  • Tweak (keyword optimization of titles, adding H2’s, etc.) pages you rank with on the second results page to boost rankings.
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Connect with Brie Anderson on Twitter.

Watch Koray Tuğberk Gübür’s video to see him explore the potential for Peformio to seize off-site SEO and backlink opportunities:

  • Use the Backlink Audit tool to discover toxic backlinks to your website and assess the risk of Google penalizing you.
  • Reap the full benefits of image links and make sure they include anchor text in alt text.
  • Check whether your anchor texts look potentially spammy.
  • Use the On Page SEO Checker tool to get more link-building ideas for your pages.
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Connect with Koray Tuğberk Gübür on Twitter.

Over to You

The market and competitive landscape are constantly shifting. We hope our experts’ approaches* can give you ideas on how to expand your own market share and explore missed opportunities. 

To learn more about market and competitive analysis, make sure to go through our Marketing Strategy Hub that covers a wide array of topics on marketing basics. For more advanced insights, read the following posts:

  • Our step-by-step guide covers the ins and outs of market research.
  • This article on calculating online market share and discovering new growth points.
  • Find out how to conduct a full competitive analysis in this post.
  • This post shows how to analyze competitors’ traffic to improve your own user acquisition strategy.

*Disclaimer: Our experts’ advice can only function as a starting point for your own market and competitive exploration. Each industry, niche, and website is different so you should always run your own research prior to taking any action on your own website and digital marketing strategies.

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