Local Brand Loyalty Takeaways From That Time Ace Hardware Was Trending

The Ace Twitter thread began with a profile expressing disbelief that the brand should still be operating if it couldn’t price-match larger competitors. The above anecdote shows that same mindset being transformed by an outstanding second impression created in-store when chance brought the customer into the shop. And now, having experienced the difference first-hand, this shopper changed their mind and their habits to shop at Ace first. What a victory!

Access, proximity, expertise, excellent customer service, variety, quality, ethical affinities like a shared value for the multiple benefits of economic localism, and a little something extra to make the UVP of the business memorable is the Ace playbook. Thanks to someone asking a question on social media and getting abundantly answered, the Ace playbook is now open for all other local businesses to work from. Study it well and build an experience at the local business you’re running or marketing that customers love to remember, share, and even champion!

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