Top 25+ Chrome Extensions for SEO & Digital Marketers -TWH

Looking for Chrome Extensions for SEO to take your online marketing to the next level? Then read on to know which are the best google chrome extension that you should use.

Since it was launched way back in the year 2008, Google Chrome has evolved a long way.

Google Chrome has reformed how we utilize the internet with its simple user interface, tight security, as well as amazing versatility.

It’s of no wonder then, that Google Chrome remains now one of the most widespread web browsers out there.

In fact, as of September 2019, Google Chrome accounted for nearly 70 percent of the specific global desktop internet browser market share!

Including more than a billion users as well as over two billion installations globally, Google Chrome is leading the pack moreover winning by a HUGE margin!

Apart from its user-friendly design as well as fast browsing speed, Google Chrome is popular for its remarkable extensions which enhance its productivity & usability.

These little bits of software, identified as Chrome Extensions, are the significant reason why Chrome has grown as a crowd favourite also continues to utilize its dominance.

But what specifically is a Chrome Extension?

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