Top 75+ Blog Commenting Sites List 2022

If you wish to move ahead of your competitors by targeting a specific audience for your services, blog commenting is your way to win the race.

You can significantly improve your SEO by writing a descriptive and helpful comment in your blog category at the right site with heavy traffic inflow.

Here is how it helps –

If the readers find your comment attention-grabbing, they will like to know more about your page, leading to increased traffic for your website.

Thus, frequently commenting on topics under your scope of services gives you more “facetime” with the concerned users.

By selecting the right platform for blog commenting, i.e., sites with high DA, more and more readers will visit your homepage.

Needless to say, blog commenting is one of the best ways to get backlinks to your page. It helps you find precisely the kind of users interested in your niche.

With your consistent efforts in commenting, you can connect with the readers and earn a position of expertise among the users, making your work known to them.

This way, you get to establish brand awareness and authority.

Linking your page to your comments can lead your readers right where you want them to, giving them access to more of your work.

All this effort is for your site to get linked by another site to help with your search engine visibility – however, the position at which your linking is situated matters greatly.

There are two ways of identifying a link

Dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. These links tell Google how to associate the website you are linking to your website.

Dofollow links – these links do not contain the nofollow tag, and these are the only links get attention to while ranking in Google’s algorithms and boosting your link juice.

Nofollow links – these links contain the nofollow tags and are not sent to any kind of page ranking, turning all your efforts into dust as it would not affect your search engine ranking to go higher.

You can check if your link is dofollow or nofollow by – checking the HTML code.

“Inspect” your link on your desktop browser; if you see rel=”nofollow” attribute, your link is a nofollow link. Otherwise, it is dofollow.

This small favour you get from commenting on blogs of a reputable site will boost your site in the search engines and bring filtered traffic to your page, helping you grow.

The Internet has made the world so much easier for us to reach every remote location; all you need is to travel there by entering more and more webs.

The important thing is for you to know where to comment and the right place for SEO to grab more readers on your profile.

Choose instant approval blog commenting sites as these sites provide you with backlinks that are important for ranking on search engines.

The improved ranking is your small step towards a big chunk of growth.

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