UTM Tagging for Google Business Profile — Whiteboard Friday

But what you need to think about is the fact that consistency is going to be key because what you don’t want to do is chop and change the way that you add your UTM tags because it’s going to bulk your data and it’s going to take a lot of time to tidy up.

So when I separate the words in my UTM tags, I like to just use a dash. You might decide to not use anything. You might decide to use an underscore. But whatever you do, always keep it consistent. Another thing to remember is that Google Analytics is case-sensitive in all of its reports.

So stick to lowercase, so gbp – products, not suddenly becoming uppercase GBP or with a capital G and then a whatever. Basically, keep it all lowercase. And whatever you do, document your conventions, keep a record, and make sure you have a spreadsheet that you can share with people internally and externally.

So few, there we go. UTM tags, that’s what they’re all about. So, it might seem complicated. It might not. What I do have for you is something that I’ve put together with love, which is my Google sheet, which will auto-generate all of your UTM tags for you, keep it all nice and tidy all in one place, and that you can share that with people, again, within your organization.

So it is here. You will find it. All you need to do is drop your URLs in, and it will auto-generate all of these beautiful UTM-tagged links for you.

So, I hope that was helpful. It was lovely to be here today, and hopefully, see you again soon.

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