Copywriting vs. Content Writing: What is The Difference? – Neil Patel

Have you been using these two interchangeably? You’re doing your business a disservice. Copywriting and content writing are two very different skill sets, but both are essential for a successful marketing strategy. Copywriters are responsible for creating effective copy—the text on your website that converts browsers into buyers. These are the words you see in … Read more

This Proven Blogging Frequency Works – Neil Patel

Do you find yourself often pondering blog-related questions, such as how many blogs per month for SEO? You’re not alone. There is no golden rule, but there are set practices to find the best fit for you, and we can illustrate how. Blogging frequency is a common struggle for new bloggers and experienced bloggers alike. … Read more

Brand Perception: What is it & How Do We Measure it

Wondering why perception is so important in marketing? This quote sums it up nicely: “Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. It’s certainty.” – Stephen Colbert. You see, it doesn’t matter how good your product/service is, the value it offers, or the quality you provide. If consumers don’t perceive your brand the way you … Read more

Video Schema Markup: Improve Your Video Visibility

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. Video marketing is the go-to method for most companies, and I’ve got the stats to prove it. According to Wyzowl’s latest State of Video Marketing research, 86 percent of businesses use video marketing, … Read more

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