How to Create a Plan That Brings Results

What Is Content Planning? Content planning is how you define what content you’re going to publish, when, and where. With an effective content plan (sometimes referred to as a “content calendar” or “editorial calendar”), you can prioritize tasks, organize the creation process, and keep track of your progress.  Creating a content plan is a key … Read more

Adding Departure Location and Destination Keywords to the H1

Before you start: if you’re unfamiliar with the principles of statistical SEO split-testing and how SplitSignal works, we’re suggesting you start here or request a demo of SplitSignal.  First, we asked our Twitter followers to vote: This time the majority of our followers were RIGHT! Read further to find out why. The Case Study One important element that is often tested … Read more

What Are Hreflang Attributes & How to Implement Them

What Is the Hreflang Attribute? Hreflang is an HTML attribute that communicates the language and targeted region of a webpage. It allows search engines to serve the most appropriate version of that page based on the searcher’s country and language preferences.  Hreflang is an important international SEO concept. It helps ensure that the right audience … Read more

An Apple Search Engine? – Whiteboard Friday

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Happy Friday, Moz fans! In today’s Whiteboard Friday episode, Tom digs into his research on Apple’s moves in search, specifically their recent launch of what he believes is a search engine, how … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Brand Storytelling (+ Free Template)

Successful companies all do one thing really well: tell powerful, compelling stories.  Stories are engaging. They help us form connections between ourselves and the storytellers.  This creates an opportunity for companies that want to build strong relationships with their audience. The art of brand storytelling promotes the effective communication of your brand story, which is … Read more

Indirect Marketing: Definition, Types, & Examples

Indirect marketing is marketing where you’re not trying to explicitly sell a product or service. Instead, it focuses on activities that generate brand awareness, build relationships with potential customers, and nurture them to eventually buy from you. Indirect marketing relies on the assumption that potential customers will not purchase your product or service immediately, but over time.  … Read more

What It Is and How to Create One

What Is an XML Sitemap? An XML sitemap is a website file that lists pages you want search engines to index. It also provides extra information, like when the page was last updated. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a format that allows easy storage of URL data and makes it easier for … Read more

How to Make Money With SEO

SEO isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme—it often takes years of hard work to make a living from it. The great thing, though, is its versatility. There are many ways to monetize SEO skills, which all suit different people. Want to know some of the best ways to monetize your SEO skills? Let me show you how. 1. … Read more

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