5 Privacy Policy Generator Options For Your Website

If you collect information from your website visitors, you may be required by law to post a privacy policy on your website.  While not every country has privacy policy requirements, many auxiliary laws make the addition of a privacy policy necessary for compliance. Plus, if you want your website to be visible to a global … Read more

How to Use Reverse Image Search For Competitor Research

What do backlinks, reverse image search, and your business have in common? Your bottom line. Sure, you can blog until you have hundreds of posts on your site, but it takes time. Can your business afford to wait? Probably not. This is where a backlinks strategy comes in. Not only can it help with boosting … Read more

5 PPC Business Ethics Examples and Best Practices

It’s no secret that competition in online advertising has become super stiff. In a bid to beat the competition, it’s easy to cross the line and employ shady tactics; tactics that may be unethical. However, unethical PPC practices will do more harm than good for your business. They can also get you in trouble with … Read more

Distribution Channels: What are They, Types & Examples

Have you defined the distribution channels that will be used by your company? If not, it’s time. In short, distribution channels determine the path goods will take from the manufacturer to the final consumer. Thus, they have direct impact over sales. There are many types, formats, and levels of distribution channels. The first step is … Read more

The 10 Ingredients of Great Content Writing

Content writing can be difficult. Just consider these numbers. An astonishing 98 percent of all marketing teams say written content is their most-used content type, yet one in three marketers admit their content writing is only “somewhat” or “not so” effective. In other words, there’s a whole lot of content out there that isn’t doing … Read more

How to Deal with the June Google Core Update

On June 2nd Google released a core update. And in July there will be another one. During the first few days, most of us marketers and SEOs saw little to no changes in our rankings or search traffic. But on Sunday June 6th, many of started noticing shake ups. Some of my friends saw declines … Read more

How to Use Wolfram Alpha for Marketing Research

Are you searching for new ways to make sense of the marketing data you’ve been aggregating? With the continuous growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and the ever-collecting stores of data, there’s a better way to view and use existing marketing data. While many online tools promise functionality to allow users to see data in a … Read more

How to Rank a Blog in Google’s Top 10 Search Results

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15 Examples of Great Marketing for Father’s Day Sales

Everybody loves a good deal. You don’t have to be an e-commerce genius to know seasonal events like Father’s Day sales present a golden opportunity to increase conversions and make some serious profits. From an e-commerce seller’s perspective, sales like these can be a powerful tool when leveraged correctly. The potential for emotional storytelling alone … Read more