10 UX Design Examples to Get Inspired in 2023

What is a Good UX design?

A good UX design is a design that creates a positive experience for users when interacting with the pages of a website. For the most part, a good UX design is about:



Website pages should be easy to use and navigate. For example, embed a filter or search in an online store.



An online store category with over 1,000 items cannot do without product filtering functions. These functions must perform the tasks for which they were designed reliably and efficiently without bugs.



Any product must have very high-quality photos. Other website elements must also be visually attractive and have a pleasant aesthetic appearance, even though some websites are relatively simple while others are more sophisticated. 



Users should be able to easily navigate your website and effortlessly find the desired products. Therefore, not only the search field must be easy to find and access, but also the products. To achieve this, simply embed filters that enable users to select the size, color, etc., and, thus, find what they want without extra effort.



When a website receives very high traffic, especially during the Christmas sale or Black Friday, its pages may respond with a 503 server error. It means that the website is temporarily unavailable. You should ensure that the dedicated server or VPS can withstand the peak load on the CPU or RAM.



A website can provide a good UX design that creates a positive user experience if it’s credible. So add reputable elements such as certificates, badges, customer reviews, team photos, and other things that inspire trust in the UI design of your website.

Of course, each niche will have its own characteristics and emphasize design elements differently. Therefore, you should also check your competitors.

So, if your website has an attractive appearance and visuality, features seamless navigation, is usable and functional, is capable of withstanding heavy loads, and displays credibility proof, my congrats – you’re highly likely to have created a good UX design!

What is a Bad UX design?

If users face repeated issues interacting with your website, it obviously has a bad UX design that ensures a negative user experience. Here are the examples of what may be wrong with the UX design:

Confusing or cluttered layout


A poorly designed UI layout can make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for or understand how to use the website. If a user leaves a page without going to another page and the session time is low, you should analyze the session recording and the scroll depth to find the problematic parts of the website.

Slow loading time


Long loading time can frustrate users and reduce their likelihood of using the website. Several ways to analyze it: Pingdom tools, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insights. These tools show which JS, CSS, or image slows down a web page. Optimize them and analyze if there are any problems on the server. Sometimes you need to connect Cloudflare as a CDN that will speed up the delivery of these files and improve caching.

Difficult or unintuitive navigation


Users may get frustrated and leave the website at a certain step in the funnel if it is difficult to navigate. Of course, in this case, the competitor wins. Therefore, you should analyze user behavior:

  • The user may not understand where a certain link leads to;
  • They may not understand that a particular element is clickable;
  • A bug and a broken link can cause anger, and the website will get rage clicks;
  • No CTA on the banner;
  • And more.

If you ensure intuitive navigation to your website, you have greater chances to keep your users.

Unattractive or outdated visual design


Poorly designed visual aesthetics can make a website less attractive to a potential customer. Of course, not everyone “meets by clothes”, but you should carefully analyze what the client does not like in this case. This can be done with the help of a survey: NPS, CSAT, or CES.

A website can provide a good UX design that creates a positive user experience by avoiding these and other negative nuances. If it does not work, you should seek the solution in a different place. Maybe, it is not UX design that is to blame, but, for instance, the advertising campaign that was not properly configured, and the target audience did not visit the website.

UX Design Examples from TOP 3 Global Companies

As technology expands, so does the need for user experience (UX) design. Companies around the globe are looking to improve their customer’s digital experience, and great UX design can make a difference. Here we look at the top three examples from global companies that have nailed UX design.

Apple UX Design Example


Apple’s website is often a prime example of cool UX design. The website’s clean and minimalist design allows users to easily navigate and find the information they are looking for. 

One of the website’s key features is the use of high-quality images and videos to showcase Apple products. As mentioned above, any website must show the best products or goods. This one does an excellent job of presenting the products attractively and interestingly, contributing to excellent usability.

Another notable aspect of the website is the use of interactive elements. For example, on the iPhone 14 product page, users can use the slider to compare different colors of the phone or click on individual features to learn more about them. These interactive elements add a level of interactivity to the website and help to engage users even deeper.

The Apple website demonstrates how good UX design can create a positive and engaging user experience. The clean and minimalistic design with CTAs on every screen and interactive elements contribute to the website’s success. 

Netflix UX Design Example

Netflix’s website is another prime example of great UX design. The website is clean and easy to navigate, with a clear hierarchy that allows users to easily find the content they want. 

One of its key features is personalization. The Netflix website uses machine learning algorithms to recommend content to users based on their past viewing history, ensuring that recommendations are relevant and tailored to the individual user. This personalized approach helps create a more engaging user experience. It definisaves time for the user to find the right content.



Companies often conduct hundreds of tests, including the important A/B testing. This website is no exception. By showing different website versions to different users and comparing the results, Netflix identifies the design elements that best attract and convert users. This helps to ensure that the website is constantly optimized according to the needs and preferences of users.

The Netflix website is a great example of how good UX design can create a positive and beautiful user experience. A clean and easy-to-navigate UX design of the website contributes to its success.

Zappos UX Design Example

Zappos is a cool, yet classy, example of great eCommerce UX design. Well, this online store, at a glance, is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a clear hierarchy that allows users to easily find the clothing products they are looking for. However, a greater emphasis on UX can be on the responsive version because more of the audience accesses the website from mobile devices. One of the key features of the Zappos website is the use of high-quality images and videos to showcase clothes or shoes. 

However, a big surprise is the use of subscription forms, which in most cases, has a very low micro-conversion rate.


A great example of a category page with the placement of filters, product card zoom, and dynamic photo change on the product card: 


Another notable aspect of the website is the use of customer reviews. Zappos prominently displays customer reviews for each product, which helps users make informed buying decisions. The website also allows users to leave their own reviews, encouraging a sense of community among users. Overall, the Zappos website is a great example of how good UX design can create a positive and engaging user experience.

The websites of Apple, Netflix, and Zappos stand out with their UX designs. Therefore, these global companies that attract millions of users are excellent examples to follow.

List of 7 UX Design Examples to Get Inspired in 2023

What is the best way to get inspired for UX design in 2023 if not by looking at some of the world’s top examples? From Airbnb and Spotify to MailChimp, Google, Nike, and Todoist – these 6 companies are known for their cutting-edge UX design! Whether you’re looking for a boost of creativity or just some design inspiration, this list will give you all the motivation you need to create something truly remarkable in 2023!



Spotify’s end-of-year wrapped stories, which feature a summary of a user’s listening habits and can be shared on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin), demonstrate the power of data in UX design. The use of a familiar story format and the ability for users to easily share their stories with friends contribute to ensuring a unique and potentially viral user experience. This demonstrates the value of leveraging user data in design and creating content tailored to individual users.



Trello stands out in the world of UX design for its emphasis on user control. The app allows users to customize their experiences and blends into their workflow seamlessly, thanks to complete control over boards and user permissions. This adaptability to different teams’ unique needs and responsibilities is a key reason for Trello’s success.



Nike’s website demonstrates the impact of proximity and visual cues on the user experience, particularly on its product pages. The layout size, product pictures, and the “Add to Cart” button on the page encourage users to purchase by making adding items to the cart easy and tempting. This highlights the role of hierarchy and proximity in UX design and how they can be used to sell products.

It is clear that achieving such a great level of UX optimization takes a lot of work and research. Marvyn Anthony, User Experience (UX) Designer at Nike, describes his approach and a definition of a good UX as follows:

“A good design provides experiences that are meaningful and relevant to users. It focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability of a product or service. The process of UX design has a significant amount of research, testing, and analysis behind it, and can be measured with metrics like: success rate, error rate, abandonment rate, time to complete the task, and (since we deal in digital) clicks to completion.”



Airbnb’s UX design effectively addresses travelers’ needs and pain points. Its main competitor in the sphere of accommodation search is booking.com. The Airbnb website offers a range of options, including entire homes, pet-friendly homes, and unique accommodations. It presents them in a visually appealing way that inspires users. The booking process is simple and easily accessible, making it quick and convenient for users to find and book accommodation. This highlights the importance of researching user needs and design flaws as well as offering solutions to these issues.



H&M’s UX design effectively handles a large amount of content using a mega menu and breadcrumb navigation. The mega menu, which showcases a wide range of items in an organized manner, serves as a primary form of navigation. The breadcrumb navigation, which helps users to see their current location and navigate between categories and levels within the store, serves as a secondary form of navigation. Both these features demonstrate excellent information architecture and labeling of items.



Zoom’s UX design simplifies the process of holding virtual meetings, which companies began to apply to very actively after the onset of COVID-19. It gives users four clear options on the home screen: start a meeting, schedule a new meeting, join a meeting, and share a screen. The conversion path guides users through the entire process and simplifies work by focusing on the most likely tasks. This demonstrates the value of understanding the tasks users want to complete and presenting the first step in the most important tasks early on in the website experience.



The UX design of the Tesla website is focused on demonstrating the company’s electric vehicles and promoting the benefits of electric transport. The website’s clean and modern design helps emphasize the sophisticated and innovative nature of Tesla cars.

Like others, one of the key features of this website is the use of high-quality images and videos to showcase the cars. The website does a great job of presenting the cars attractively and interestingly, like smooth scrolling slides, which really look great.

The website is also easy to navigate, with clear CTAs, allowing users to easily find the information they want about the cars. Of course, the website is responsive, but you are likely to better see the details in the photos and get a better user experience on its desktop version.

We should also keep in mind another extremely important thing in crafting a good user experience on the website. As Jenny Kim, Senior UX Designer at Tesla, says:

“UI is often just the tip of the iceberg.🧊Engineering powers products and brings designs to life.💡”

You can find many more examples of modern UX designs on the Awwwards website. There are cool UX designs that will definitely give you even more creative ideas. Besides, explore our article about UX design trends in 2023 to know which will work out best. Good luck in your search for inspiration!


UX design is a game changer in the modern user experience. In this article, I’ve provided you with some great examples to get your creativity flowing. While I can’t guarantee you will become a master of UX design overnight, I hope you have gained some inspiration and insight into making the user experience more effective and enjoyable. So go out there and make it happen!✨ Create something beautiful, interactive, and above all – user-friendly. Happy UX designing!

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