Capture Product SERP Features with These Ecommerce Insights [Semrush Study]

To better understand how products appear in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features, Semrush collected 7,000 SERPs for product-oriented searches to uncover what features are more prominent.

SERP Features on Mobile and Desktop

Semrush examined five product-related features and how they appeared on desktop and mobile—Popular Products, Product Filter, Refine, Buying Guide, and Related Products.

A chart of how SERP features appear on Google for desktop and mobile.

Among the highlighted SERPs:

  • Most features display on both mobile and desktop at similar frequencies 
  • Popular Products show at the highest frequency in 79% of product searches for mobile
  • Product Filter has the biggest percentage difference between mobile (36%) and desktop (61%)

The above bar chart can help you make informed decisions on how to target the features most relevant to your ideal customers. 

Ecommerce SERP Feature Breakdown

Popular Products displays relevant items from various ecommerce stores.

An example of the Popular Products layout one Google SERPs.

On desktop, the maximum number of items in the product list was at 32 while mobile listed a max of 10. This means more products can show up on desktop compared to mobile search. 


On average, mobile showed a lower number of unique stores (three) compared to desktop search, which delivered five.

A chart displaying the Popular Products SERP Feature anatomy for desktop and mobile.

Product Filter

The Product Filter feature appears at the top of the SERP on desktop only. It suggests clarifying keywords for the search query. 

A screenshot of how the Product Filter SERP feature appears on Google for leather products.


The Refine feature contains a list of related search queries to help narrow the product search by categories.

A screenshot of how the Refine SERP feature appears in Google search.

The average number of categories on desktop and mobile are the same.

A graph displaying category metrics for the Refine SERP Feature Anatomy.

On mobile, the Refine feature is less product-oriented than on desktop, and looks similar to the Related keywords feature for non-shopping related searches.

A screenshot of the Refine this search feature on Google SERPs.

Buying Guide

The Buying Guide is a list of questions about a product’s features related to the search query. You can expand each block to learn more about a specific feature of the product.

A screenshot of how a Buying Guide SERP feature appears in search engines.

By default, only four items are shown; click “More considerations” to reveal other questions. On average, seven blocks come up on both mobile and desktop devices.

The average number of questions and the median number of questions are the same across the board (7) for both desktop and mobile.

Similar to Popular Products, the Related Products feature shows a variety of relevant items across many different stores. Unlike Popular Products, it provides more information about each item and is formatted in a way to encourage comparison.

Desktop view:

A screenshot of the Related Products SERP feature on Google for desktop.

Mobile view:

A screenshot of the Related Products SERP feature on Google for mobile.

The share of related products with reviews is almost identical on both desktop (99.32%) and mobile (99.02%). Related descriptions show up far less frequently on mobile at 11.49%.

As for the average number of products, desktop lists five items while mobile shows four.

A chart displaying the Related Products SERP Feature Anatomy for desktop and mobile.

Most of these blocks contain products with reviews, underlining the importance of earning customer reviews for each product. 

Improve Your Product Listings with Semrush Data

With this data, collected by Semrush, you can target Google’s product SERP features to increase your visibility and reach.

To capture product-related Google SERP features, try the Ecommerce Booster app in the Semrush App Center. It assesses your current listings and provides an action plan that helps you climb rankings in the SERPs.

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