How to Conduct an Ecommerce Website Audit Like a Pro?

Have you ever conducted an ecommerce website audit? Do you want to become a pro at it?

For an ecommerce business, auditing is the most important thing.

Audits help to get an overview about the performance of the business as well as detailed insights on a number of issues.

Website auditing helps you spot the necessary changes to make your website strong enough for online competition.

You will get a clear idea about whether your website is working as per your expectations or not.

Moreover, by not carrying out the auditing process, you will be missing a number of sales opportunities that could have otherwise come your way.

So here I have come up with some ecommerce auditing tips that can seriously help your online store to perform well and increase conversion rate.

Tips to improve your ecommerce website audit

One of the basic ways to boost sales is by having effective content.

Right content helps to engage online users and inspire them to buy.

So, for the same reasons, you need to apply the right content strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

This can be more digestible with visuals.

Content marketing strategy
  1. Are you offering enough content variety through your blog? What are the topics that you have covered in the past? Was the content repetitive or without a punch? If yes, then they are not for sure going to impress your customers anyway. It is very important that you understand the pain points of your customers and come up with content that can relate to them.
  2. If you are up to seasonal selling, then you must check whether your content is updated and right for the audience or not.
  3. Check whether the content headlines convey the right message. Are you clear about the value of the online store? Using the right tone and language is also very important to attract the customers.

One of the main agendas of carrying out product audits are to evaluate the website properly and make sure that customers can seamlessly find what they are looking for. It can be found in Google Analytics.

  1. When it comes to customer experience, product categories and menus play a vital role. Customers make quick decisions when they are on your website and offering complex structures cannot be a good idea. You must make sure attractive category descriptions are present to optimize the categories.
  2. Check user navigation by going through the analytics, backend and frontend of the website. Optimize the search function to ensure it delivers properly.
  3. Take necessary steps keeping the customers in mind and you can opt for usability tests for the same.

Is your website able to perform well during high web traffic? This is definitely important to know. Moreover, a high-speed performing website will help in better user-experience and high conversion rates.

  1. Check your website for speed and see whether you have any speed issues that need to be resolved. You must implement all the best practices that can help you improve the speed and also go for quality web hosting. Ensure the CSS and image files are compressed and proper redirects are applied. If you are facing any speed issues then it will take a bit of time to get resolved. It is advisable to check the backend if the problem is persistent for a long time.
  2. Many websites crash when high traffic gets redirected towards them. So do you have any plans in place to tackle it? This is very important for such unexpected situations.

It is very important to have quality content copy across different pages of the website. It helps the brand to build trust and reputation.

  1. Product pages have to be unique and informative. You can use your writers for the task. Having good product pages will keep the users engaged on the website.
  2. You should also make sure to add a Terms & Conditions page along with a Delivery and Return policy on the website.
  3. If you use generic or low-quality content on your website then you will fail to apply a personal touch to it. Moreover, using the right words will even make your products different from others.

If you are still using those photographs of models that do not relate to your customers then it is time you change them. Come up with some original photos that will connect with your products. Make sure the images are aspiring.

  1. Then again, all the images should have alt tags so that they are optimized along with the website.
  2. Make sure to take the images of the product from different angles depicting with real-time size. This will help the customers to get a clear idea about the product they are buying. If your customers are not able to know the product better chances are more that they can turn out to be unhappy ones in the future.

Conducting customer surveys will help you get an insight about how they are using your website but, to know more about that make use of the analytics.

Customer Behaviour Track

  1. You have to make sure that you have a user-friendly navigation on the website that will lead your customers directly to a sale.
  2. Try to know whether customers contact you when they have any issues.
  3. Check to know which pages are doing well and helping in conversions. Analyzing those pages will help you know what is working for you.
  4. It is necessary to check your products properly so as to know which ones are sold out easily. Analyzing the sales strategies will also give you a better idea.
  5. Analyze and see what you have done as a part of customer service. Do you have a FAQ section with the best answers? How can a customer with a query contact you? Have you offered a provision for live chat? Have you displayed all the contact information properly?

Carrying out an ecommerce website audit is a part of your future planning.

It helps you to set the right strategies that can help you grow your business and sales.

Make sure you cover all the aspects of your business when conducting an ecommerce website audit so that you will be able to come up with a better solution to increase conversions.

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