Learn How to Increase Website Traffic [30+ Free Ways]

1. Link Interested Topics Internally:

Internal linking structure is one of the most useful user experiences and easiest way to increase the traffic flow within the website.

2. Target Long-Tail Keywords:

You should start your topic research for long-tail keywords right now as these have majority of web searches.

3. Start Podcast – The New Way to Drive Traffic:

Use podcasting for your business as it is the new way of content marketing in terms of audio and capitalize traffic to your website.

4. Be Found in Top Website’s Comment Section:

Being beginner in your niche, you might be visiting few top sites regularly which are relevant to your business.

Then, just don’t waste your visit to those particular sites and start the insightful conversation by engaging comments with your name and website link.

5. Fulfil Your Website with Core Web Vitals Aspects:

Gone are the days, when website visitors used to wait until page loads. Nowadays users love fast loading websites.

And Google’s core web vitals have become the number one SEO ranking factory!

So, it’s better to make your website load faster.

6. Keep Finding New Ways to Increase Website Traffic:

Never stop yourself from finding innovative ideas to increase your website traffic as it doesn’t end here only. So, keep searching.

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